Funeral Services

Burial or Cremation

When arranging a funeral, one of the most important decisions to be made, is whether you are going to choose to have your loved one buried or cremated. Often the deceased will have expressed a preference or may have left details in a funeral plan or will, which tends to be held by their solicitor. If no preference has been specified then ultimately it is a decision to be taken by the person or persons arranging the funeral. The choice is often a very personal one and can be influenced by many factors, including family tradition and religion.


Burial services are usually held in your church, cemetery chapel or simply at the graveside. The committal will then follow at the graveside and the ceremony concluded.

If you choose a burial, there are a couple of considerations to reflect on first:

Where will the burial take place?

Our team will check availability with the local authorities and also the local regulations of the borough. In most cases when purchasing a new grave the local authorities will allow the adjacent plot to be reserved or purchased. Each borough have their own internment fees based on the external measurement of the coffin and grave costs vary dramatically according to the cemetery or church yard selected.

What do I need to do to reopen an existing grave? 

Where a family grave already exists, consent will be needed to reopen the grave by the owner. If applicable, the existing memorial will need to be removed and replaced after 12 months.

Woodland Burial

Woodland burial grounds are becoming more popular with those who are looking for an alternative to traditional cemeteries or graveyards and prefer their loved ones to remain in a natural settings such as meadows or wooded areas which can offer a more beautiful and tranquil resting place. In keeping with the natural setting a natural memorial, such as a tree and the placing of a simple wooden or bronze plaque instead of a traditional headstone.

Much like the traditional funeral services, we are able to offer a complete woodland funeral service, working alongside families to offer a personal and unique experience, tailored to your requirements.


Cremation is more popular and often much cheaper than a burial. The service and committal are normally held in an all denominational chapel on the crematorium grounds. These services are held every 30 minutes, unless additional time is requested. A cremation can be just as traditional as a burial and a church service can precede the committal service at the crematorium if preferred.

You will need to come to a decision of the final deposition of the ashes. The cremated remains may be scattered in the crematorium gardens, buried by some form of memorial or taken away for dispersal elsewhere. If this decision cannot be made immediately, the ashes may be placed on temporary deposit until after the funeral.

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